Department of Political Science
FATA University, Darra Adam Khel, FR Kohat


Historically, FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) is situated along the northwestern boarder of Pakistan. It is having international frontier “Durand Line” which has been a focus of international politics throughout decades due to its geo-strategic position and economic potential. This region remained out of focus during cold war but the New World Order registered its emergence again. Realizing multi-dimensional importance of the region, the Government of Pakistan has established the FATA University. The curriculum has technically been framed to address the core issues within the framework of four disciplines such as Sociology, Political Science, Mathematics and Management Science.
In this academic mechanism, the Department of Political Science has been established with a purpose to enlighten the students of FATA with a modern approach of political studies to reform the existing available academic information regarding the subject. Initially, the department has started the 1st semester of BS (4-years) program in Political Science with Introductions to Political Science, International Relations and Economics. In addition to this, subjects like English and Islamic studies are also being offered as per Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) rules with efficient and devoted faculty members. It is planned that MS and Ph.D programs in Political Science will also be offered very soon in future.

The courses in the BS program of the department are designed in such a manner that these will help the students in preparing for the competitive examinations of Federal and Provincial level civil services and will also help in understanding the political strategies. It is hoped that this department will play an important role in the potential skill development of the students.