Department of Mathematics
FATA University, Darra Adam Khel, FR Kohat


Why Mathematics?

The development of science requires knowledge of Mathematics. Mathematics is a vital tool in the physical sciences, engineering and commerce, and central to the social sciences and humanities. Hence, Mathematics is a discipline supporting other disciplines by providing theoretical knowledge and techniques. Mathematics, therefore, has become an integral part of modern research in all disciplines, and advanced technology in industry. The scope of mathematics is ever on the rise.


The Department of Mathematics is a part of the Faculty of Physical and Numerical Sciences in the FATA University. It is one of the four pioneering departments of the university which has started functioning in September 2016. Initially, the department is offering BS four year program but it will upgrade its program to post graduate level very soon. The department is striving to provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of the undergraduate studies to its level best. It is bestowed with highly educated, dedicated and hardworking faculty which is actively involved in teaching to enhance the concept, reasoning and practical ability of the students. The faculty and staff of the department are eager to facilitate their students so that they become acquainted with fundamental tools of Mathematics and also to develop skills necessary to make effective use of the knowledge of Mathematics.


To act as a leader in the advancement of Mathematics and promotion of Science and Technology in FATA in particular and in the country in general.


  • To provide a platform to the students to explore their academic potentials and teaching skills.
  • To produce mathematicians who can contribute to the society in a better way.