Welcome to the Department of Geology
FATA University, Darra Adam Khel


BS Geology (4-years degree program) is a multidisciplinary science that seeks to understand how the Earth works. It traditionally focused on the solid Earth (rocks, minerals, mountain belts, volcanoes, oceans etc.) as well as the history of life (paleontology). In recent decades it become increasingly concerned with the history of Earth's climate and with the impact that people have had on our environment. The Geology thus encompasses everything from the atmosphere to the oceans to the Earth’s surface to its crust, mantle and core. Careers in Geology range from environmental work to the assessment and protection of water/mineral resources to geotechnical engineering to geological engineering (working with civil engineers) to oil and natural gas exploration to government regulatory and geologic hazards to academic research.


To build a well-equipped Department of International repute of Applied Geology.


To prepare students for the better understanding of the Earth and its resources, and to use its resources in a sustainable way.