Welcome to the Department of Management Sciences
FATA University, Darra Adam Khel

Keeping in view the highly competitive business environment at national and international levels and the capabilities of local population, it was indispensable for the government to invest in polishing the managerial abilities of these locals. Thus sensing the challenging situation, FATA University established the Department of Management Sciences in 2016. Initially, the department of management sciences offers bachelor of business administration program (BBA 4 years) to nurture the human capital in the fields of management, human resource, marketing and finance. To achieve the basic objectives of the current scenario, the department of management sciences has hired highly qualified staff including Ph.Ds., who are committed to bring improvement in the academic programs to nurture the students attitude and skills that would not only help them to compete the challenges of the dynamic business environment but also ensure that they have the knowledge to meet their goals and become leaders in their respective fields.

Vision statement: To be the leading and first choice institute among the management institutions, not only at national but also at international level, that systematically combines education, innovation and research in its programs to prepare students for unseen, complex and challenging management problems.

Mission Statement:Our mission is to provide excellent quality education and training to the aspirants and particularly to the students of FATA at undergraduate and postgraduate levels which will help them develop into business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.


Head of Department Message:

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Management Sciences at FATA University, Akhurwal, Darra Adam Khel. The department has the honour to be among the four pioneering departments of the University. The department has carefully designed its program to get students ready for a life in the forefront of business. At the department, we are conscious of our responsibilities and the students issues are the primary concerns of our duties and tasks. Guiding students to success make us enjoy the experience of working in this institution of higher learning. Please do not hesitate to share your academic problems with us. Let’s no business problem defeat you.