FATA is stretched within area of 27,220 square kilometer having overall population as 4,196,776 with growth rate of 2.1% which is a buffer zone between Afghanistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The literacy is 29% for males and only 3% for females as per 1998 census. This alarming low engagement of students in education speaks of high degree of illiteracy.

Social setup, the tribal tradition and economically degraded situation is no way helping the Government to keep the discipline in the area. The most poor and illiterate people are easily preyed by mongers elements particularly terrorists. It is the responsibility of the nation to come forward and help these deprived people and put them at par with rest of the world.

In FATA, there are 56,19 male/female educational Institutions of various level in which 607,004 students are enrolled and there is a dire need of higher education facility. There are 37 Degree colleges (including 13 female) with an enrollment of 15,143 students.

FATA has three Post-Graduate colleges:

  • Government Postgraduate College Khar at Bajour,
  • Government Postgraduate College Miranshah, North Waziristan Agency
  • Government Postgraduate College Parachinar Kurrum Agency

  • Graduates from these postgraduate colleges are compelled to seek admission in universities outside FATA and have to compete with students of other areas of the country. The newly established FATA University will provide them the opportunity for higher education at their door steps as per policy of the Government to provide better educational facilities especially in backward areas.