Director (ORIC):                   Dr. Alamzeb Aamir (Email:

Deputy Director (ORIC):     Mr. Adeel Rahim     (Email:




  • ORIC in FATA University will strive to play a lead role in promoting innovative research culture and bridging the gap between Academia and Industry through research commercialization activities and MoU’s.


The ORIC mission is to provide conducive environment for all stakeholders to work collaboratively for promoting new research ideas by practicing the following values:

  • Originality of research
  • Adherence to international quality standards of education
  • Social responsibility through University teaching and  (R&D) activities.
  • Establishing link between Academia and Industry for Joint venture projects of Corporate sector and HEC.


  • To develop research culture in FATA University (FU).
  • To provide strategic and operational support to the FU’s research activities/program, and to have a central role in facilitating the FU’s research outcomes.
  • Providing support to the Students and Faculty in their research and projects.
  • To strengthen university-industry linkage.
  • To apply the innovative researches to the economy of the country.
  • To develop partnership (MoU) with National and International Universities.
  • To promote entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities that energizes and supports the National Economy.



  • To follow directives of HEC regarding research, innovation and commercialization.
  • Conduct two meetings a year with HEC officials on ORIC performance at FU.
  • Identifying and informing the faculty about the Research Grants Opportunities and assist them in acquiring funds from international and national funding agencies.
  • To keep track record of all the Publications, Conferences and Research projects carried out by faculty, students and staff and commercialize these all for industry and Academia benefit purpose.
  • To deal with plagiarism cases of students and to promote an anti-plagiarism culture via powerful software for detecting plagiarism.
  • Arranging Training, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences for the FATA University’s students, Administrative staff and Faculty Members on regular basis.
  • Participation from Focal persons( FACULTY MEMBERS) who arranged it previously.


  • Training for Administrative staff of FU :

    • On “Office Management & Secretarial Services” for Clerical staff, Office Assistants , Accounts Department etc.
  • Training for Students :

    • On “Self grooming : A way forward to Professionalism”.