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Vice Chancellor's Message
Prof.Dr. Muhammad Tahir Shah
It gives me a great pleasure to serve as the first Vice Chancellor of this newly established FATA University. After assuming the charge as a Vice Chancellor, I made strong commitment that I will leave no stone unturned in paving the foundation of this university on strong footings. This can only be possible if I am succeeded in having a team of devoted, intellectual, talented and competent faculty and staff. I would, therefore, welcome everyone who is committed to support me in this cause. I will try my best to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff to serve this university to their best. As a vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed to provide our students with the finest education and a supportive learning environment.
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SOME COURSES That Are Offered

All Courses

Management Sciences (BBA)
Start: October 17,2016
Duration: 4 years
Political Science (BS)
Start: October 17,2016
Duration: 4 years
Sociology (BS)
Start: October 17,2016
Duration: 4 years


First Ever University for FATA Region